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Michael  Twomey

Honours Won:1 North Cork JAFC 2014, 1 North Cork JAHC 2012, County Minor B Hurling League and Championship 2009, North Cork Minor B Hurling League and Championship 2009, 1 North Cork JBFC 2010, Division 2 Hurling League 2012, Several underage North Corks
Occupation:MBS ISBP student in UCC
Change one thing in the GAA:More consideration for club players
Favourite sport / activity other than GAA:Soccer
Best player ever played against:Colm O'Neill (Ballyclough)
Best player ever played with:Killian O'Hanlon
Most important skill in Hurling and Football:First touch (Hurling) Kick Passing (Football)
If I had to phone a friend on ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’, I would callKieran O'Donovan
Most influential mentor/ person in the Club when I was growing up:Dan Murphy
Best memory as a Kilshannig player:Winning the 2014 North Cork Junior Football Championship
Most dissapointing moment in your career:Losing North Cork U21 B Hurling Final
You may not know it, but I’m also good at:Twitter
The funniest person on our team is:Bryan Sheehan
My favourite food is:Steak
If there was a ‘transfer market’ who would you buy?James O'Donoghue (Football) John "Bubbles" O'Dwyer (Hurling)
The best invention ever:Internet
Person you would most like to meet:Usain Bolt
Marooned on a desert island what could you not be without:Phone

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Mark Sheehan
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